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‘Fake News’ was a prime example of what ‘fake news’ can do to the publics trust in media

The RCMP said on Friday that it has launched an investigation into the use of an offensive advertising campaign that used the phrase “fake news” in an attempt to discredit a prominent Liberal politician.The ad, called “The Liberals and the Truth,” is aimed at helping the Liberal party to regain some political ground in Quebec, […]

How to get your first Instagram photo from a photo-sharing app

With a photo of a family member or pet sitting at the dinner table, there’s nothing like an Instagram photo to inspire some creativity.The photo-sharing app is increasingly turning to influencers for the first time, with influencers from around the world sharing the most-popular Instagram posts.Here are some of the best influencers who have shared […]

How to get your team’s first two wins in the NHL

When a new team is officially formed in a new city, the players get the first few days to decide where they want to live, but the actual season is only about two weeks away.That’s because of an arcane rule in the National Hockey League that requires a franchise to get a first two-game start […]

How to make a living off the internet

Google is no stranger to online ad revenue.It makes around £20bn in advertising annually, and has over 100 million users.It was once worth £1bn, but is now worth £5bn and counting.But with its recent ad campaign, Google is proving that the internet isn’t just about paying you for your online browsing.Google’s new campaign will take […]

‘Gorgeous’ and ‘amazing’ as ‘The Adventures of the Black Widow’ premieres in Australia

Posted June 07, 2019 12:11:59A new episode of the BBC’s hit television series “The Adventures Of The Black Widow” has been shown in Australia and is getting rave reviews from fans.The episode, entitled “The Black Widow”, was filmed in Melbourne on Friday, with its official debut in Australia on July 1.The premiere episode, titled “The […]

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