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News article | Blockchain | Blockchain Technologies | Blockchain News | News | BlockchainNews | Blockchain Technology | NewsArticle | Blockchain technologies, especially the Blockchain based on the Ethereum blockchain, are a new wave of decentralized applications and applications, and a great opportunity to make money, especially for the rich.However, it is also a great […]

How Yelp’s star ratings are misleading and why it’s important for brands to stop using the site

Posted September 09, 2019 05:01:49A lot of the content on has been used before.But with the advent of, a service that lets brands use the site to sell products, this is becoming more of an issue.Yelp has been criticized for using the term “yelper” to describe what is considered a very large group […]

Is this your worst advertisement ever?

What is advertising?The term “advertising” comes from the Latin ad hoc, “to advertise.”Ads can be “paid for,” “earned,” “prepaid,” “unpaid,” or “free.”It is generally used to describe online or offline content that consumers pay for to view.Advertising costs are typically small, typically in the hundreds of dollars.It typically is delivered by an intermediary or company […]

Panda adverts for cars,cars advertised in NY,car adverts to be paid for

Panda advertising has been used to advertise cars for sale in New York and California.A new Google adverts program is being rolled out to help advertisers reach their targets.“The car advertising industry has always been the underdog.That’s why the ads are so appealing,” said James Molloy, co-founder and CEO of Panda Advertising.“But we have the […]

Google’s popular ads are the new spam

Google has been using a new ad technique called “connected TV advertising,” which lets advertisers easily target ads on televisions that have been connected to the internet. The ads are now available on several of the world’s biggest television networks, including Amazon Prime, CBS, Disney Channel, and Fox News.The ads, which can be viewed in Google’s […]

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