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How the ‘Spotify’ app works to make it easier to advertise online

The app is one of several new apps launched by Spotify this year that aim to make advertising more easily accessible online.These include Spotify’s “Instant Ad” tool, which lets users upload and receive advertisements from publishers, as well as a “Advertising Manager” tool that helps publishers create ads on a Spotify-controlled site.The app’s “Spotify Ads” […]

How to take your pictures and videos with your smartphone

Dubuque, IA (WIVB) – While most of the world’s smartphone cameras are designed for high-resolution video, the Dubuques newest smartphone is designed for selfies.Dubuquese artist and videographer, Kaleem Shaban, is developing a new way to take high-quality video using a phone and a laptop.Dubuoque resident, Kalyani Nall, has been developing a camera system that can […]

How to spot the signs of false advertising: How to tell when to run an ad in an

An advertisement on Google’s Google AdSense platform might say, “The Google search results for ‘Apple’ will show this ad”.But the real search results might not have this ad.In fact, Google has been accused of running deceptive ads on a large scale.And this latest example of a false ad is particularly troubling because Google has a […]

The best and worst advertisements for Android and iOS users

By now, you’ve probably noticed the ubiquity of ads on the web.They’re everywhere, and you don’t have to scroll through the endless scrollbars to see them.But they’re not exactly ads for your mobile device.Instead, ads for the most popular mobile platforms are the way most people see them, whether they’re on your desktop or mobile […]

What we know about the ‘Montgomery Ads’ controversy

We know that the Montgomery Advertising Corporation was founded in 1948 by a company called the Advertising Corporation of America (ACA).We also know that in 1950 the Montgomery company was taken over by a conglomerate called Advertising International and that it was renamed the Montgomery Company in 1952.The ADI was incorporated in 1955 and by […]

How to find and use the most effective adverts in a day

By now, most of us have had a go at using a search engine’s ad network to find the best ads to run in a given search.But what if you need to find some of the best adverts without ever touching the search engine itself?This article is going to show you how to find ads […]

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