What is the best outdoor ad for your business?

The outdoor advertising market is booming, and brands are spending big on outdoor campaigns.

But the best campaigns are still a long way off, according to the outdoor advertising specialty industry’s annual survey, published by Ad Age.

This year’s survey, released this week, asks brands to choose their top three outdoor ads for their ad campaigns.

The rankings are based on factors such as budget, length, and brand recognition, as well as the type of outdoor campaign.

In the case of outdoor ads, the top three spots are reserved for brands that can afford to spend more, according the survey, which was conducted by the Outdoor Advertising Research Group.

The top three ad campaigns, according it, are: 1.

The first half of the summer is a must-have outdoors experience.


A trip to the sea or ocean, a lake, a golf course, or a water park.


An event outdoors.

“In order to have a compelling outdoor experience, you have to be able to create a compelling narrative,” said Steve Hennigan, the company’s senior director of digital media and digital advertising.

“There’s a lot of different types of experiences that are out there, but the ones that are the most compelling to consumers are those that tell the story of the outdoors.”

This year’s Outdoor Advertising Market Report is a reminder of just how much money can be made from outdoor advertising.

He continued, “But you also need to have an ad that is clearly designed to drive the narrative of the event.” “

One of the ways is to have outdoor events, and if you’re doing that and are well-known for that, you can create a strong brand.”

He continued, “But you also need to have an ad that is clearly designed to drive the narrative of the event.”

The survey found that outdoor advertising accounts for more than a quarter of outdoor advertising dollars in the U.S. alone.

The industry is expected to reach $4.5 billion in 2019, and more than $10 billion in 2020, according a report by AdAge.

But many companies aren’t doing the research to understand how to create compelling outdoor experiences.

“A lot of companies have decided to build their advertising around outdoor events,” said Mark Hofer, the president of the Outdoor Advertisers Association.

“I think that’s a mistake.

It’s like building a house around a car.

You build a driveway, you don’t build a house.”

The industry’s top outdoor advertising brand, for example, is Red Cross, which has a brand loyalty program that pays people to post photos of their pets on Facebook.

Henniger said that the group also has its eyes on outdoor events.

“We’re looking at all the events that people are going to participate in,” he said.

But there’s still room for improvement.

“The best outdoor experiences are the ones where people really experience the outdoors,” Hofer said.

Ad Age’s study is the first of its kind and aims to provide an accurate look at the outdoor ad market.

AdAge surveyed more than 1,200 outdoor advertisers from more than 20 different industries.

The data was collected online, in person, by phone, and through the company website.

The survey is based on an online survey of more than 2,000 outdoor advertising professionals, which were surveyed from March 1 through June 30, 2019.

The report includes questions on topics such as cost, location, and content.

In addition, it asked respondents to identify the top outdoor campaigns they had seen.

The study also asked respondents whether they were familiar with the outdoor market, which includes outdoor advertising in many areas, such as sports, travel, and leisure, as a whole.

It also asks if the outdoor industry is getting any attention from advertisers and the government.

The answers were then tabulated.

The overall survey also included an interactive, interactive version, which shows brands and advertisers how they stack up in the outdoor space.

The interactive version of the survey includes detailed analysis of the outdoor ads in the survey and how they compare with the other outdoor advertising brands.

For example, brands ranked higher than other outdoor brands on a number of metrics, including their overall engagement, their location and time spent outdoors, and their brands’ social media reach.

“For many of the advertisers who participated in the study, they’re seeing the benefits of outdoor ad spending as they continue to invest in their brands,” said Kevin Johnson, the study’s co-author and the director of the AdAge Outdoor Advertising research group.

“It’s clear that outdoor ads are now a vital part of the ad spending ecosystem.

The question is, how do they leverage it to create an effective, compelling outdoor story for their brand?”

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