Recode: Tech is now the second-biggest market for digital ad buys, as advertisers pay more for ad impressions and reach in 2018

Tech is the second largest market for direct response advertising ads in 2018, according to new data from the AdAge ad analytics company.

That’s the biggest change to how digital advertising is being sold over the last six years, according the data.

The number of ads sold directly by tech giants such as Google and Facebook has jumped dramatically over the past year.

The trend has been fueled in part by the launch of Facebook’s direct response service in 2017.

Now, more than a quarter of all digital ad dollars in 2018 are paid directly by companies that don’t rely on the likes of Google and Apple to drive ad sales, according that data.

While direct response ads can be found in many popular ad networks, the tech companies that drive them dominate the space.

Tech has emerged as the dominant platform in digital advertising in 2018.

The industry’s most popular direct response platform, Twitter, saw $3.4 billion in digital ad spend in 2018 on average, according Topper research.

Facebook saw $2.9 billion in ad spend on average in 2018 through direct response.

Twitter has become the leading platform for direct responses to advertisers in the last year, said Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of

The company’s direct message service, called Prime, saw a $1.9 million increase in ad revenue in 2018 alone, Bezos said.

The next-big-advertiser platform, Instagram, saw an average $948,000 increase in ads in the same period, according data from Kantar Media.

The tech industry’s dominance in direct response ad spending has grown in the past few years.

In 2016, Facebook and Instagram saw the biggest increase in direct respond ads on a per-site basis.

Instagram saw a 23% jump in ad dollars per user in the second quarter of 2018, to $11.7 billion, according Kantar.

In 2018, Facebook saw an 18% increase in the number of users that use its direct response app on a daily basis, Kantar reported.

Facebook also saw an increase in digital ads bought through its Instant Articles app, which was launched in 2018 to allow advertisers to create and manage video content for ads on Instagram, according The Post.

The data is based on data collected from ads purchased on both Instagram and Facebook.

The data is from the first six months of 2018 and the data does not include direct response spending from brands that haven’t yet launched.

The results do include spending by tech companies, according AdAge’s research.

AdAge said that direct response spent $7.1 billion on advertising in the first half of 2018 on Instagram alone, while Facebook alone paid $3 billion.

Facebook’s total advertising spend in the U.S. rose by $3 million in the six months ending in June.

The increase in spending is a sign of the rapid pace of change that digital advertising has taken in the recent past.

The U.K.’s advertising spending rose by 15% in the year ending in May 2018 to $15.5 billion, while the United States increased by 20% in 2018 as more people switched to digital ad purchases.

In the U.-K., the advertising spend rose by 17% to $18.2 billion, but in the United-States, it fell by 9% to an average of $15 billion.

Ad Age also found that the advertising market has grown faster than the overall digital ad market in the country over the same time period.

The ad spend by companies with more than $10 billion in annual revenue grew by more than 7% over the first quarter of 2020, but only by 4% in 2020, the research company said.

The growth in the digital advertising market is not a surprise to many advertisers, but it’s notable to those looking at how much the industry is growing.

The rise of digital ads has meant that marketers are able to target ads more directly to specific audiences.

The companies that make the ads are able more quickly target the ads they have and the ads that are delivered to them.

This has resulted in more targeted advertising for consumers, and an increase of the number and types of digital ad impressions that can be seen in the ads.

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