Why YouTube Ads Are Killing Me

When you’re browsing the web on your mobile device, it’s likely you’re not seeing the ads that you’d expect.

But if you’re watching on a big screen, you might be seeing a whole bunch of ads.

And while those ads are clearly meant to sell products or services, a new study suggests that some of them actually do just the opposite.

“YouTube ads are not what we want them to be,” says Daniela Fajardo, a marketing researcher at New York University.

“We don’t want to see them when we want to.

And they can be very confusing and overwhelming.

They’re not helpful for consumers, and they’re not effective for business.”

The study, which was published online on Monday, looked at the results of surveys conducted between 2011 and 2015 by an Australian advertising agency, BrandView.

The firm found that about 40 percent of online visitors were missing out on information about their search results by clicking on a YouTube ad.

“When we did this study, we found that YouTube ads had a very negative impact on search and results for both brands and individuals,” Fajardo says.

“They made it difficult for people to understand what was happening on the web, and for them to understand how they could take action.”

The researchers were concerned that YouTube was taking a very broad view of what they were talking about, as opposed to looking at a specific set of data.

So they took a look at the entire advertising ecosystem, looking at what YouTube ads were actually targeting, and then what the company was doing to ensure that they weren’t getting in the way of that.

The results showed that YouTube had some of the best ad targeting technology out there, and it was doing a good job of it.

“YouTube ads were targeting people who were looking for information about the brand or a product or services,” says Fajaro.

“But they were also targeting people looking for their own brands or their own services, and the results showed a really low level of effectiveness for the majority of those users.”

The results are in line with what we’ve seen in other parts of the internet, says Faurio, but she’s concerned that they may have been over-targeting.

“The more they target, the more they’re going to be targeted,” she says.

So if you want to make sure that you’re getting the best possible search results, then YouTube ads are probably not the best way to go.

The research also found that when people clicked on an ad, they were being directed to other websites that were selling the same product or service.

“If you are looking for your own brand or service, you probably won’t see an ad for it,” says Scott Paskett, BrandWatch’s founder.

“You will see an advertisement for someone else’s brand or services.”

The findings were echoed in a survey that the company conducted earlier this year, in which it found that nearly half of consumers said they would be more likely to click on a video if the company didn’t target them.

“People tend to have this belief that they can always get the ads they want, and that they’re getting better results, when in fact the truth is that many people don’t get the best results because of the way they’re being targeted,” says Paskitt.

The video-targeted ads that are popping up aren’t really ads at all.

“What they’re doing is putting ads on top of content that people are already seeing,” says Michael J. Haines, Brandwatch’s executive director.

“It’s advertising that is being delivered to the person, not on the page.”

The company says it’s trying to make the advertising process more efficient and relevant.

“There are some things we’re doing to improve that process, and we’ve got an ambitious roadmap for that,” says Hainers.

“So if we can do it faster and better, I think we’re going for it.”

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