Pandora advertising is a big hit, says Google

News is often a place to see the truth about a topic, but that can be challenging when the news comes in with the headline, “It’s been an interesting year for the ad tech industry.”

The year of 2016 saw Google announce it was building a new search engine powered by the AI that would replace search results for publishers in Google News, a news site owned by Alphabet.

Google News was one of the first to launch its own AI-powered search engine in 2014.

The move is one of Google’s biggest moves in its push to improve the news industry, which is the second-largest online ad market in the world.

Google has said the new search service will be the company’s “most powerful” to date.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for the industry,” said Jim Dalrymple, the company ‘s head of search, in an interview with Ad Age last year.

The announcement has been hailed by journalists, publishers and advertisers alike, who say Google News is one the most effective ways to deliver accurate information. “

The technology is great and we’re getting closer and closer to truly transforming the way we serve our users and our news publishers.”

The announcement has been hailed by journalists, publishers and advertisers alike, who say Google News is one the most effective ways to deliver accurate information.

Google is not the only player in the space, however.

Microsoft’s Bing, the search engine that currently dominates in terms of traffic and revenue, has also seen impressive growth over the past year, according to a report from Digital Advertising Alliance, an industry group.

Bing currently accounts for 70% of global online search traffic, with Google accounting for 10%.

Microsoft and Bing’s dominance is attributed to their search engines’ unique capabilities and ability to help users navigate to content that is more relevant.

The two companies are currently trading at around $130 apiece, but a new report published on Tuesday by Digiday estimated that Microsoft’s search market share would increase to 40% in the coming year.

The report also projects Bing will continue to grow, with its market share expected to increase to 55% in 2020.

The search giant’s Bing is not alone in the search space, as other players such as Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s Google Now are also doing well.

Google’s AI technology can be used to help advertisers better target their ads to specific audiences, which makes the tech particularly powerful for the advertising industry.

Advertisers can then deliver better results to customers, who will then be more likely to purchase more advertising.

“As a result, the vast majority of the ads we see today are going to be for the same users who will be buying more and more in the future,” said Michael Weinberg, the head of product strategy at The NPD Group, a research and consulting firm.

“Google has a powerful platform and they’ve been able to make a significant investment into it.

I think it’s a natural evolution of their business.”

Google’s new search will be built on top of an existing technology that has been around for a number of years, but the company says it is not building its own.

Instead, it is partnering with AI-focused startup DeepMind to develop a new AI-driven search engine for Google News.

Google says it has spent over $100 million on this effort, with the company saying the search platform will be ready to roll out in 2018.

It is also announcing it will use AI-backed technology in new ads, in a move that will make it easier for advertisers to reach their audience.

The company is also building a separate AI search platform to run search queries directly from Google’s own news search engine.

The news will now be run in an AI-generated database and can be displayed in a user-friendly way, according the company.

This is the first time Google has announced this technology, but other companies have experimented with AI to deliver ads on the news.

Earlier this year, Twitter announced it was launching a “super-powered news discovery engine” to help it deliver ads to users in a variety of media, including news and sports.

The service will have a “new search engine” that will use artificial intelligence to improve results for users and help them make decisions based on context, as well as make decisions on their own based on the content.

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