How to get more clicks for your banner

If you’re looking for a way to get a little extra traffic, you might be interested in a banner advertising strategy.

You can even try to create a brand name or other brand icon with the banner advertisement, according to a new study by advertising company Moulton Braun.

The company has been looking at banner ads for several years.

A few years ago, Moulterons marketing research team started doing research on the subject.

It concluded that there are a number of strategies that people have been using for years.

They included banner advertising, online ad campaigns, direct mail and banner ads on television and radio.

Now, Braun has started a new project called Banner Ads for Google, which is targeting Google Search results with banner ads.

Braun said it’s important to take advantage of Google’s new Search AdWords product to find and sign up for ads that can really help your business.

Braun, who is based in the US, said the goal is to get Google search results with more relevant, relevant ads.

The idea is to increase the clicks on banner ads by using the Google search engine to target the search results.

Braun is an advertising industry veteran.

He has worked for the advertising industry for 30 years.

Braun works on advertising campaigns that are more tailored to specific industries.

Braun’s research shows that the more relevant an advertisement is, the more people click on it.

Braun says the more clicks people get, the better off you are.

“You’re going to be able to get people to come back more often to your website,” Braun said.

He said you want to target ads that are relevant and relevant to your business and your brand.

He also said you should target people that are going to click on the banner ads, rather than the ads that have been placed by the company.

Braun has also studied banner ads and other types of advertising, including the banner advertising that comes with Google ads.

He’s studied how people use the Google Search engine and how their searches are influenced by the search ads they see.

Braun also believes that Google has made it easier to get the results they want, even when it comes to the search rankings.

He is also working on creating a tool to help you find and click on banner advertising for advertisers.

The new tool is called BannerAds, and it’s available on Google Ads and in the Chrome web browser.

Google also is looking at making banner advertising easier to use.

“We have a tool that allows you to do banner ads,” Braun told The Jerusalem Report.

“So you can put them on the top of your page, you can add them to your site, and then you can click on those ads to get results that are similar to the results that would be seen in the Google ad.”

Braun said he wants to expand the research to other online advertising sites.

Braun hopes the tool will help advertisers get more results with the same effort.

Braun noted that many businesses already use banner advertising.

He expects this tool will make it easier for marketers to find those who are more likely to click.

Braun added that the research is just the beginning.

“It’s not just about Google,” Braun added.

“I think it’s going to make it so that companies can focus on their own search results and make sure that their ads are doing better.”

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