How to design your own ad copy for Google Ads

Google Ads is the most popular ad platform in the world, and they’re the first to make a concerted effort to promote products and services in a more relevant way.

But the way they do that can make their business partners feel uneasy, especially if you’ve never worked with Google Ads before.

Here are some of the ways they do it wrong.


Using the wrong keywords When you use the wrong keyword to promote your product or service, your product will not be featured in Google Ads.


Using too many keywords in a keyword group When you try to use a combination of keywords that appear to be related to a single product or company, you can confuse people who don’t know what they’re looking for.

Google says it is a good idea to keep your keyword grouping to three words or fewer, but many people are just fine with two words.


Using different types of content The “Google News” and “Hilton advertiser” categories are similar, but Google Ads doesn’t seem to use them much in its search results.


Using multiple images Google Ads uses images with different colors and styles.

You may not have noticed that the “news” image is a bright blue instead of the bright green it normally is. 5.

Using a generic search term to get a result While Google Ads allows you to specify what kind of results you want, it doesn’t always help.

When you search for “hamburger” or “sauce,” for example, Google Ads will show you an “All” search result instead of a specific product, service, or location.


Using incorrect keywords to get results In a similar vein, when you search “sausage” or other phrases in Google’s “All Places” search results, the search result may not actually give you the exact location you want.


Using an incorrect category or keyword to find relevant results You may be surprised to find that Google Ads actually shows you relevant results based on what you type in the search box.


Using keywords with different meanings in search results If you type “marijuana” or similar keywords into Google’s search box, Google might show you a “Marijuana” page instead of just a “drug.”


Using images that are not relevant in search result results Google’s ads will not show you relevant images if you type the exact wrong keyword into the search field.


Not including keywords that are similar to a specific word or phrase in search boxes If you enter keywords in search box to get “Mountain Dew” or a similar word, Google may not show the exact words that are being searched for.


Using Google AdWords for the wrong reasons While Google’s terms of service allow you to search and publish information on a wide range of topics, there are a few things you should not do.

First, search for the keyword “Holidays” to get the exact Holiday you’re looking to buy.

Second, use the search function to search for a “sushi bar” instead of “sashimi restaurant.”

And third, search on Google Ads for the keywords “taco,” “salmon,” or “dinner” to find results that are just for the restaurant itself.


Not using relevant ads or terms when searching for a product or product category You can search for products in Google or by keyword, but not in search.

For example, if you’re searching for “beverages” and you want to find a specific brand of wine, you might want to use the term “sommelier,” not “wine.”


Not showing results if you click on a link that contains ads Google has rules about the types of ads you can show in search and the way you can display them.

For some types of search, Google will only show ads for search terms or products in the ads that match the search query.

For other types of searches, Google is free to show ads that are specific to that specific search.

This is especially important if you want your ads to be search-specific, because Google doesn’t allow people to include the ads in the result if they don’t use the appropriate search terms.


Not displaying results for products and locations when you click a link in a Google Ads search The ad placement in Google search results is often the most important thing to remember when you’re using Google Ads to get relevant results.

Google is a search engine and Google Ads should be a search tool.

It’s not the end of the world to show results for a search on the Google Search page or to have Google show you ads for products or services in search on another page of Google.


Not making it clear what your search is showing you What you search in Google ads is often irrelevant, because search results can be shown for products you might not need or that don’t belong in the same category as a product you’re trying

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