How to use the latest ‘Breakthrough Ad’ technology to create buzz on YouTube

By James Mottram | 09/07/2017 Google is reportedly working on a new way to show people what’s going on with a video.

The news comes as Google has reportedly launched a new advertising platform to help it make money on YouTube.

It’s called “Breakthrough Video Ads” and it’s being built on the same technology as its existing YouTube AdSense platform.

This is Google’s biggest push to date into new advertising technology.

It wants to make it easier for advertisers to reach the people who watch their videos and to reach people who might not otherwise get their attention.

It’s not clear what kind of ads it will be, but it is said to be similar to AdSense, a platform that allows advertisers to show ads to people in their search results.

“We’re excited to be bringing this new technology to YouTube,” Google VP of Advertising and Business Development Brad Chacos said in a blog post.

“It is important for advertisers, and for creators, to reach consumers.

We are committed to building on our existing partnerships and improving our services to make YouTube the best place to reach audiences.”

What we know so farThe technology, called “AdWords”, is being used to make Google’s AdSense a bit more interesting.

It means that people can see what Google has to offer in terms of adverts, which means that if someone clicks on an ad, it will appear on the top of their page, which will be shown to them.

But the technology has also allowed Google to make the AdSense system more valuable to advertisers.

“If you click on an AdWords ad, the advertiser pays a fixed amount of money to YouTube for a set amount of time,” Google wrote.

“This money can then be used to show a variety of videos and ads to consumers who might otherwise be missing out on adverts.”

Advertisers can use this money to build new features, improve the performance of their ads and increase their revenue.

“Google is working with Facebook, YouTube and others to build AdWords, but has been reluctant to release more details about what it is.

It is said that it is looking at ad-based revenue, which would be made by using the videos and adverts generated by Google to build a new ad-serving system.

It could be an entirely different system altogether.

Google is also working on an advertising system for YouTube, called AdSense+.

This is similar to YouTube’s AdWords system, and will let companies show ads that would otherwise be blocked by YouTube.

The technology is not just about showing ads to the people in your search results, but also to people who may not otherwise be seen by Google.

The new AdSense+ system could make it more useful to advertisers, allowing them to target their audiences with ads that are relevant to them, rather than those that are not.

This means that the technology could be used by brands and content creators to reach an audience that might otherwise not be seen.

This could be a big deal for Google, because it’s not known exactly how much of its search results are being filtered by YouTube, which is also a popular source for adverts and videos.

According to the blog post, the AdWords platform could be able to show YouTube videos that people would not normally see, and would be useful for advertisers looking to target audiences.”

Ads could be shown on videos that users might not be aware of, so that people who aren’t in the know will be able better see the adverts being shown.”

The goal is to make ad targeting more intuitive, intuitive and accessible.”

Ads could be shown on videos that users might not be aware of, so that people who aren’t in the know will be able better see the adverts being shown.

YouTube has been working on ad-driven ad tech for some time.

In March 2017, the company announced a new technology called “Streamed Video Ads”.

This means YouTube will show videos that are streamed from YouTube to users in a way that’s similar to what Google already does.

Google’s new AdWords technology would let advertisers target a broader audience than just people who subscribe to the site.

The platform would also show videos from companies that Google is partnering with, including Instagram, Snapchat and others.

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