How to stop your dog from sniffing your Facebook posts

The latest trend to be taken up by your dog? Facebook. 

What’s your dog’s favorite topic?

Facebook has been cracking down on the likes and dislikes of its users and, as a result, has a whole lot of people trying to figure out how to prevent them from posting their thoughts. 

And now a new breed of dog has been added to the Facebook hate-storm, the Instagram-esque Dora the Explorer.

The dog is an American black lab mix, named Dora by her breeder, and has an Instagram account. 

She’s been using the account to share her views and even make fun of her owner, the owner of the famous red-and-white Labrador Retriever.

The Dora is the newest breed of Dora.

Dora the explorer, photographed by Dora, was born on Instagram to a dog breeder.

Dora has an account on Instagram.

Instagram has since deleted the account, and the owner, Stephanie Rieder, told ABC News that the account is now being used to share pictures of herself and her dog.

She has also shared her dog’s Instagram username, Dora_Lives, as well as photos of the two dogs with the tagline, “She’s my hero.”

Dora, who is black, has also commented on other posts.

Instagram is a popular social network for people with pets and they have been using their accounts to share their pet photos, according to Dorothy Gaffney, the CEO of Dog and Cat Rescue. 

Gaffney said that when people find that they’re not being liked or disliked, it’s often because they haven’t interacted with the person posting their comments.

“That’s a great way to start a war, to make your life miserable,” Gaffay said.

“If you’re posting a picture of your dog, the most likely place that your dog is going to be will be on your Facebook page and then they’ll go to a social media app and it’s going to look like you’re being hateful and you can just click on the ‘like’ button and it’ll be an anonymous comment.”

Gaffay and Riedr have teamed up with social network platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to help keep the Dora account from going rogue. 

“If someone does this and they start posting their likes on Instagram, they’re going to get a lot of hate messages,” Riedre said. 

Doras are often tagged with the hashtags #loveisbeautiful and #lovemydogs, which are common on Instagram and other social media platforms. 

The Instagram account has been used to post pictures of the dogs, such as this one, which features a photo of a Labrador Retrieever and a caption that says, “Dora loves you too.”

The dog in the photo is named DORACIA and it was shared by Stephanie Rieger and Dora’s owner, Riedger told ABCNews.

Riedre also told ABC that Instagram was being used by the dog’s owner to post the dog in a caption, which Riedraer said was also posted by the Dory on Instagram account, which was deleted after being shared.

“I’ve had people come to my house and tell me, ‘You should not have posted that dog picture on Instagram,'” Riedrey said.

“My response to that is, ‘We have nothing to do with you.

It’s not your dog.

It belongs to someone else.'”

The Instagram user, DORA, who has a Facebook account, has been sharing a picture on her Instagram of the dog with the caption, “The dog loves you.


Dora is now making fun of Stephanie Rieser’s dog, Dory, and her owner Stephanie Riefer.

It’s unclear whether Instagram has ever removed the DORCA posts, but Gaffey said that, based on his understanding of Instagram, Instagram would not take down the posts.

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