BING advertising’s adverts are a waste of money

Advertising company BING has a long and complicated history in Australia.

Its first commercial was in 1908, and its ads have been shown on the ABC, in a number of radio stations, on radio, TV and digital media platforms since then.

Its ads have appeared in more than 40,000 public buildings, in more then 700 state and territory offices and more than 30 major sporting events, including the Sydney Olympics.

The company says its advertising campaign is part of its commitment to being transparent about how much it spends on its advertisements, and to giving Australians the best possible information about the advertising industry.

The ABC understands that the company has spent more than $2.5 million on advertising over the past four years, which was more than its $1.3 million expenditure on all other activities.

The ABC understands the company’s advertising campaign has been viewed by more than 15 million people, including about 50 million people who are members of the ABC.

But despite its long history of using its advertising to boost its brand, the ABC has learned from a review of internal BING documents that the agency has not done a good job of telling people how much advertising they are paying for.

A review of BING’s internal advertising files has uncovered a number a questionable claims about the amount it spends to advertise its brands.

In the document, BING says its adverts generate $2 million in annual revenues for the organisation.

But the documents show that the annual revenues of the advertising campaign generated by BING in 2012 were only $5.5m.

It has been reported that the organisation has spent an estimated $4 million on its ad campaigns over the years, including more than half of the $2 billion it spent on all its other advertising in 2012.

As a result, the company was able to claim more than double the annual revenue it should have been.

The review of the documents shows that there are several issues with the way the company operates its advertising strategy, including misleading information about its advertising costs and the way it makes its advertising revenue.

Despite the flaws in its advertising, the BING ads have become a major source of funding for the ABC and its local television affiliates.

In 2014-15, the budget for BING was about $3.8 million.

The money raised from its advertising campaigns and the other costs associated with its media advertising network made up about 15 per cent of the agency’s overall budget.

Bing’s ad campaigns are often seen as an essential part of the organisation’s overall media strategy.

The company has a strong reputation for being transparent and doing what it says it does.

The documents reviewed by the ABC also show that there have been many issues over the marketing and delivery of its ad campaign.

In 2010, Bing announced a new, targeted advertising strategy to reach more Australians through social media and its news channels.

This included a new campaign called “Aussie Story” which ran across ABC TV, radio, radio and digital platforms.

The program highlighted the importance of Australians being able to share their stories and support each other.

But this was only part of a much broader strategy to help build community.

After the program ran, the agency received an unprecedented number of calls from people concerned about its ad strategy.

Some people were so concerned they contacted the ABC’s national advertising director, John Haines.

Mr Hainys then made a recommendation to the Bing executive that they stop using the new “Aus Story” campaign and instead focus on the social media campaign, which had been introduced as part of an ongoing effort to engage more people on social media.

The agency said it was unable to stop the “AUS STORY” ad campaign and the decision to stop it was taken.

Another controversy involves a campaign the company launched in 2010 to raise money for the construction of a new building in Canberra.

The BING ad campaign featured an image of a large billboard that read: “Welcome to Canberra, Australia”.

The campaign, along with other ads, was promoted by the Australian Building and Construction Union.

The campaign raised more than a million dollars.

This was a huge marketing opportunity for Bing.

When the company announced the campaign in 2010, it had about 2,000 ads in its circulation.

In the year to March, it spent $9.5million on the campaign.

According to the documents, it was not until February this year that the BEDA decided to review its advertising and campaign strategy.

During the course of the review, the documents suggest the BEEA, which represents the industry, did not understand the importance BING had in Canberra, and the impact its ads had on Canberra’s community.

The document notes that the department of cultural affairs advised BING to review the advertising strategy after a request for a review by the Department of Community Affairs and the Department’s chief marketing officer, Ian Young.

However, Bings chief executive, Ian Campbell, denied

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