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Advertisers want to know what the public is thinking.

That’s why a new Google Analytics tool is being released that will allow advertisers to see how users are reacting to their ads.

“We want to be able to predict and understand what the audience is thinking about what you are doing,” said Adam Johnson, a Google Analytics developer and product lead.

Johnson told CNN that the company has been working on Google Analytics since late 2016 and it’s been a “really fun project.”

The tool will allow marketers to understand what’s happening in their audience, from how much attention the ads are getting to the way people are sharing content on social media.

“It’s pretty powerful stuff,” Johnson said.

Google says it hopes to have a more detailed tool in place by early 2018.

“The thing we are hoping to do with it is show advertisers how to use Google Analytics to understand and optimize their campaigns, and then they can get those campaigns going without having to spend a ton of time in front of their users,” Johnson added.

Google has been experimenting with this new feature for a while.

It recently added a new tab that shows how the audience reacted to Google searches and searches for “Ads for dogs,” “Dog ads for dogs” and “Advertising for dogs.”

The new tool is part of a broader effort to understand how users use their social media networks, including the way they share content.

Google said this data will help advertisers better understand how their content is being shared and used.

Johnson said the new tool could have some other big benefits as well.

For example, it could help advertisers determine whether or not to run ads with people who don’t know their audiences.

“If we could measure what the average audience is, then we could get better insights into how to target ads to people,” Johnson told CNN.

Johnson added that advertisers will be able more easily see what the Google Analytics team sees on social networks.

The new tool will let advertisers see the average user’s search terms, search terms of search queries and their search histories.

Google’s Adwords team is also working on a similar tool.

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