How to spot the latest marketing tricks and frauds in your inbox

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Read moreA few days ago, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released a new alert that found more than 200 “fake” emails sent by e-commerce companies.

The alert, titled “The Fakes and Fake Email Frauds That Shook the Internet”, warns that more than 40% of emails that were sent on January 12th had been “deleted or spoofed”.

These e-mail attachments could be fake.

In the wake of this alert, e-tailer e-shopping site eBay deleted more than 1,600 of its e-mails sent to customers, with most of them appearing to come from an e-bay user account.

According to the NIST, the fake email messages could have come from someone who had an account in the account holder’s name, but the account was not registered to that person.

The NIST says that the most common method for fraudsters to trick users into clicking on their email attachments is by sending them through phishing sites, which mimic e-Commerce companies’ web pages, and then trick the user into clicking a link that leads to a “clickjacking” site.

Phishing sites are commonly used by eCommerce companies to trick customers into clicking their links and downloading malware that can steal the user’s information.

It is not yet known whether the fake e-Mail frauds that caused the NIS alert are being used in other countries or are being sent from overseas.

The NIST has not yet released any information on how the scamming is spreading in the US.NIST says it is not the first time that fraudsters have used phishing to get in touch with customers.

In January, the US Department of Homeland Security issued a warning that e-wallet fraudsters were sending fake payments, and a couple of weeks later, a fake eCommerce scammer tried to send counterfeit money to an Australian family by sending the fake payment to an account of a bank in Melbourne.

The warning also noted that phishing emails could be sent via e- mail.

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