How to make a compelling, relevant ad

How do you turn a simple ad into something more?

In the world of comparative advertising, the key is to turn your ad into a unique, compelling piece of content.

A good example is an ad from the company Admob, which launched in July 2017.

Admob used the tag “admiring” to sell its ad space, which featured a pair of dogs.

“Admiring dogs” is a popular tag on social media and in online marketing circles, and it was popular with consumers.

But it’s not the only tag to generate interest.

Other popular tags include “adventure” and “family”, which both feature children, and “happiness”, which is a word for happiness and wellbeing.

It also comes from the English word “admire” and is often used by marketers in advertising campaigns.

For the ad to work, the tag has to be memorable, relevant, and memorable.

Here’s how to turn a tag into a useful piece of advertising content.

Admiring tags are powerful because they’re so easy to write and understand.

You just need to know what your tag stands for.

For example, in Admob’s tag, it says “Admire a Dog”.

You can find this tag on the Admob website, or if you have a desktop browser, go to and search for it.

You’ll find the tag on your website and on your desktop.

The tag is very easy to understand.

For instance, the first line of the tag says, “Admit it, you adore dogs”.

The next line says, “admire a dog“.

In this case, the word “love” is written in big letters at the end.

In the above example, the ad shows the tag and the word love.

You can use the same tag to show the word happiness or happiness as a tag in a similar context.

For most purposes, a tag that’s very simple and clear will work best.

It’s also a good idea to include a short video of the dog as a teaser.

You might also include a photo of the animal as a preview.

You could use the tag to tell consumers that the ad is from Admob and then you can use that tag to connect with your audience.

A tag that doesn’t stand out or has an unusual meaning is also not a great way to attract your readership.

Here are a few examples of ad tags that aren’t particularly effective.

Advertisers that don’t know what they’re doing will often make a tag with very similar meanings and then sell it as if it’s the same as the tag you just used.

This is called a click-to-buy, and you’ll find this tactic all over the internet.

For some advertisers, this is a common way of attracting their audience.

The key is making the tag unique and memorable so you can sell it to consumers without having to explain it.

To find a tag for a new product, you’ll need to research the market.

For this example, I’m using Admob as an example.

You need to make sure your tag is relevant and that it can be used in the context of your ad.

The first thing you need to do is search for the tag.

You will find it on the homepage of Admob.

The second thing you’ll do is enter the keyword “Admob” and search.

The results page shows a number of tags.

Clicking on the tag will show the relevant results.

For my example, Admob shows the ad with the tag in the sidebar.

I used the search engine for keyword research to find the relevant tag.

If you’re a digital marketer, this could be a good opportunity to test your ad tag on a real customer.

If your ad is too similar to a previous one, you could potentially find a competitor who has a similar tag.

I found this out the hard way when I tried to sell a similar ad on a previous ad agency.

I went to their website and asked them to buy the tag, and they didn’t buy the ad.

They wanted to use it as a part of their ad.

I thought they were joking, but they were not.

The problem is, if your tag doesn’t have an unique meaning or doesn’t connect with the consumer, you might have a better chance of making your ad work on a different audience.

That’s because it’s easy to copy and paste the same content into your tag.

To help you with this, here are some tips to help you create a tag you’ll be happy to use in your next ad.

Make sure your keyword is descriptive.

For more information on keyword research, read about keyword research and keyword matching.

Be consistent with the content.

When you write your tag, be consistent in how you use it.

If there’s a lot of repetition in the tag or you have to use the word multiple times, try to include only one

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