How to spot a fake podcast ad

The ad on the right is a fake, but you might be able to spot it if you’ve already watched it.

If you watch podcasts on the Apple Podcasts app, you’ll likely see ads from Google for podcasts you may or may not have actually subscribed to.

They typically have a link to download a podcast to listen to.

However, if you subscribe to a podcast, the ads will instead show up as “Google Podcasts,” an ad that appears to be from Google.

The only thing you need to know about Google Podcasts is that it is fake, and the ads do not exist.

This ad was actually produced by a fake app, but the Google-branded ads are clearly fake.

The podcast ad is the same one that Google used in its podcasts ad.

Google’s podcasts ad shows a “podcast” icon on the top right, while the “google” banner appears above the title.

This ad is fake.

You’ll see an icon for the “play podcast” button, which is a part of the podcast app.

The player is currently in the podcast tab, so it appears to have an open button.

Clicking on the button opens the podcast player and the podcast is paused, but it does not play.

If the player is paused and then resumed, you can listen to the episode.

If the player does not resume, you’re not allowed to listen in again.

You will need to re-download the episode from Apple’s Podcasts App.

Google’s podcasts ads have not been re-stopped, so you’re still able to listen.

When you click on the play button, the podcast plays.


the app is closed and you are not able to reopen it.

You can see a message saying the ad was “faked.”

The player doesn’t even work.

The app also shows a message stating, “Google Play has been notified of this ad.

Please contact Apple support for more information.”

You’ll need to go to the Apple podcast app to download the app.

If you don’t, you will see a “Google play” icon in the bottom right corner of the player, which will turn green when you click the “Play” button.

You’ll need an active Apple ID to play the podcast.

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