How many NHL players are earning more than $3.5 million per year?

By now you’ve probably heard of the growing trend of players earning more money than ever before.

Players have increasingly been playing for NHL teams in more lucrative and lucrative markets around the world.

And while some of that money could be spent on a new home, others are spent on salaries for players who are currently playing in the NHL.

So where does that money come from?

According to a new study from analytics firm FanGraphs, the average NHL player is earning more on average than ever.

For this new report, the team broke down players’ salaries by division, and then used the data to calculate the median player’s annual earnings, based on their NHL salary and the salary of their team’s top-five overall earners.

The data is broken down by NHL teams’ salary ranges, which ranges from $6.5 to $7.5MM.

This is in addition to the player’s overall salary.

This can help you to compare different players, as the player that earns $7MM may not necessarily be the same player who makes $6MM.

The study also includes players’ performance in their respective roles, and includes a breakdown of the players’ contracts by division.

Here’s what FanGraph is saying about the findings:The median NHL player earned $7,942,938 last season.

This puts him in the top tier of players who earned more than the median salary for that position.

Players who earn less than that median, however, will often be earning a smaller percentage of their total salary than their peers.

While the top earners in the league, like the top five overall earners, earned over $15MM last season, their median salaries were just $4,091,854.

The bottom four, on the other hand, earned just $3,723,873.

In other words, the bottom four earners earned about three-quarters of the league’s players last season ($7.8MM), while the top four earned over four-fifths of that (almost $8.5M).

The study also shows that a team’s average salary can vary widely depending on the league.

In fact, the median $6,619,958 average salary in the National Hockey League is $617,722, which is $3M below the average $634,955 in the AHL, NHL’s lower-tier league.

The study then breaks down the data by team.

In order to do this, FanGraph uses the league average salary data from the last two seasons, and calculates the median players’ salary in order to estimate their median earnings based on the salary ranges in the following seasons.

This method is more accurate for determining average players’ total salary.

In total, the data shows that the average team’s median salary in 2016 was $731,849.

However, the study doesn’t include all teams.

For instance, the San Jose Sharks, who are tied with the Buffalo Sabres at the top of the standings, only had one player on their salary chart that earned more money in 2016.

That player was forward Joonas Donskoi, who made $726,066 in 2016, the highest-paid forward in the League.

In terms of players’ average salaries, the Pittsburgh Penguins ranked third, earning $639,633, with the Los Angeles Kings fourth, earning just over $6M, and the Minnesota Wild fifth, earning a whopping $5,944,869.

So, while the average salary for each team was relatively low, the numbers weren’t as close as they might have been if the data were broken down further.

FanGraph’s study is still in its early days, and it may change as more data comes in.

But if you want to get a feel for the numbers, check out the full report here.

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