How to spot the latest marketing tricks and frauds in your inbox

RTE 1.2.0 features the latest news, features and articles to help you make smarter decisions.Read moreA few days ago, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released a new alert that found more than 200 “fake” emails sent by e-commerce companies.The alert, titled “The Fakes and Fake Email Frauds That Shook the Internet”, warns […]

Coke ad campaign hits the road in NYC

Coca Cola has just launched its first ad campaign in New York City, which follows the launch of its own campaign in California earlier this year.The new campaign features a number of iconic characters from the brand’s history, including the iconic mascot, the Coca-Cola Zero.The ad campaign is part of a campaign that Coca-cola has […]

What happens when you try to sell something with subliminals?

The term subliminally advertising has long been associated with marketing products and services.However, the concept has a darker side.Some sublimine ads are being used to influence consumer behavior, and some have been found to be misleading.Here are a few examples of what’s being sold as “subliminal” and what isn’t.The idea behind subliminear advertising is that […]

‘Honolulu’ advertising has gone viral

BING ad campaigns in Honolulu are going viral on Facebook and Twitter.The company, which has spent $25 million on advertisements in Honolulu, said the campaign, which began in March, has seen more than 50 million views on its website and over 5 million Twitter interactions.The campaign began with a Facebook video featuring a man who […]

How to find a top ad agency for your campaign

A new trend has emerged in the advertising industry: Finding an ad agency that specializes in the marketing of brands.In this case, that means advertising careers.This trend is called brand advertising.The practice of hiring professional brand advertisers to create and sell branded products or services has been a big trend in the business for quite […]

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